Big rookie mistake + live casinos

I am ashamed. I’ve made a big rookie mistake. The last couple of weeks I’ve been pondering on why the pictures I take with my digital camera get so bad. I hadn’t used the camera for some time until a few weeks ago when I decided to pick it up and take some photos. But the pictures were not good, actually they were really bad. At each photo there was a dark shadow in the corner. Of course it worried me so I’ve been thinking and thinking about what might be wrong with the camera. I even called a photo store to check with them what might cause the dark area in the photos. But they didn’t know what the problem could be and they said that considering the age of the camera it would be too expensive to look into and repair it. They said it would be better to invest the money in a new camera.

But the other day it hit me and I realized what caused the dark shadow in the photos. I didn’t use the neck strap on the camera, which made it hang down and create the shadow at the pictures. The mystery is solved and the camera is working again. It feels great even though I am a bit ashamed of how I could make such mistake. Have you done something similar? Please share your story so I will feel less alone! It almost feels like I’ve been searching for my eyeglasses while they were at my head the whole time.

Digital Camera

Live casinos online

Last time that I wrote in the blog I told you about my friend who made me interested in sports. I registered at a betting site so I could live stream some matches. The site also had a casino, so now I’ve tried live casino that I mentioned earlier in the blog. In the live casino you play against real dealers online. It’s like a studio filled with cameras and all sorts of table games and dealers. You choose which game you want to play and then you enter the live casino where you will be placed at a table with a real dealer. The game are broadcasted with high quality and you can often see other games going on in the background.

The live casino are full of cameras. Like in a real casino they monitor everything that happens to prevent cheating. In a real casino the cameras are called the eye in the sky. I wonder if the inventor of the videocamera could imagine this development? If you’re interested in learning more about this or casino in general you can look at They have interesting information about how to play casino and guides to popular games, especially slots. At the site you can also read more about the software provider that deliver games to the casinos. One of the biggest supplier of live casino is Evolution Gaming. They collaborates with many of the biggest gambling sites at the market. If you’re interested in gambling freespins365 also have information about which casinos that offers a no deposit bonus so you can try the casino without depositing money at your account.

Almost every casino online offers demo games where you can play for free, but that does not apply to the games in the live casino.



New areas for camera use in sports

Like I mentioned in the previous post here on the blog, I’ve gotten quite interesting in the future of cameras. Which technology they will have, how they’ll differ from the cameras we know today, and the new areas these will be useful in. I’ve just stumbled across an area in which cameras are used which was unknown to me – football.

I’ve never been much of a sports enthusiast myself, but one of my best friends is. He also likes to bet on his team in Premier League, and he keeps sending me links to a page called so I can join him. I actually used their reviews-section and signed up to a betting site – and what’s worse is that I actually enjoyed playing. So I’ve gotten a bit into football lately – hence this blogpost.

I was watching a match that I had placed a bet on, and in the second half there was a weird situation. I thought that my team scored a goal, but the referee didn’t see that the ball crossed the goal line. I figured that there must be some way to measure if a ball crosses the line or not – and apperantly there is.

Hawk-Eye - a camera system used for football matches!

It’s called goal-line technology. The technology i read about was called Hawk-Eye, but I’ve also come to the understanding that there are other systems as well. The Hawk-Eye system uses high-speed video cameras, that can assist the referee in his decision-making. The network of cameras can track the ball’s position in the field at any given time using triangulation. Since the technology can know the ball’s position, Hawk-Eye can tell when the ball has crossed the goal line. What happens then is that the system will alert the match officials through radio transmission or the refereeĀ“s watch.

The camera technology is obviously very smart, and it can even predict the future path of a ball. It can tell how the ball would have traveled if, for example, it wouldn’t have touched a defender. Since visual displays like these are possible, the system will probably be popular for TV-broadcasted matches. I know for sure that I would watch the camera’s work in amazement!