Balance the white right

A cameras job is basically to try to remake the picture as mush as the real motif as possible. It tries to make it as identical as possible to us, but it does not always succeed. This is because the camera sees the light different than us, and it’s sometimes hard for it to balance it as we see it. This is why we sometimes need to balance the white in the photos manually, to get the perfect picture we want.

When taking a picture, our eyes see the light as white, no matter what kind of light it’s lighted by. The camera on the other hand, sees light different depending on what light source you are using. Lightbulbs gives one light, sunlight one and your camera flash gives one. For us, it’s the same thing, since it’s what we call white. But the camera reacts on the different wave lengths in the light, and it sees it differently.

Sometimes the camera makes the picture appear much more yellow than it actually is. This is because of the wave lengths int the light. It’s at this times that you need to manually adjust the white balance, to get the kind of white you want.

As an example, you want to take a picture on a white surface at home. The camera’s setting is on auto, for the white balance. Your lighting is not the best, but you’ve got all the lights in the room on and your motive is lighted. You think your surface and background is completely white, but still your picture gets a very yellow tone to it.

At this point, it’s time to get on the computer and get the picture in an editing program of your choice. Adjust the white balance manually, and with a little time you’ll soon get it more white. Just as it sounds, it’s a balance. You don’t want to over do it and ruin the picture, but you still want the yellow tone to disappear.

As an alternative to adjusting it manually and shooting with the auto setting, you might change the setting in the camera. Depending on what camera you have, it might be better or worse. However, if your camera is at least a little bit advanced, you’ll be able to get pretty good footage. The setting you want to shoot with if you know the auto doesn’t do the trick, is the setting for adjusting measured white balance. It might have different names on some cameras, but you’ll clearly see what setting it’s about.

With this adjustments and a decent light, you should be able to get very white pictures. If not, try to change the light or edit the final things in your computer. A better light in the setting makes a huge difference and if you can afford it, I can really recommend learning more about it and buying the kind you need for your footages.

Make the white white, not yellow